About Love + Water

Aloha from Maui! We are Shawn + Adam Ravazzano, husband and wife and the creators behind Love + Water Photography, established in 2014. Specializing in ocean portraits + seascapes, we began our portrait photography business on Maui with the vision of paying testament to Maui's gorgeous sunrise and sunset colors photographed from the land + sea.

Entirely reliant on tourism, our portrait photography business was placed on the back burner due to our clients' travel restrictions, and it was early this year we found ourselves afforded the time to work on something that had always been a goal of ours: taking our art off our hard drive. We wished set out to print our Maui ocean art imagery across a variety of practical beach essentials and items that we would use ourselves during our daily beach trips with our two little ones, as well as framed artwork our clients and friends could hang on their walls to remind them of a place they miss dearly.

After many sleepless nights grappling with heartache and ignited by motivation, we created The Land + Sea Store as a place to showcase our growing collection of items that place emphasis on Maui, our artwork and the environment.

From our collaboration with ALOHA Collection to our offering of archival quality framed prints, recycled beach towels and more to come, we continue with forward motion during this time of uncertainty, and have finally begun to see the light behind what was previously a shroud of disappointment and fear surrounding our business.

Thank you for supporting our continuing journey!

Best wishes,

Shawn + Adam 

Shawn + Adam