Business Evolution in the time of COVID-19

Our lives have been turned upside down over the last few months, and I know many of you would be the same. Our business took a tumble, two weeks to flatten the curve turned in to more than 5 months of unemployment living in a very expensive place with a young family to consider.

In the course of a year we've moved overseas twice (to Australia for 10 weeks and back to Maui again. I’m never flying again. Ha.) We’ve seen our business rise to new heights then crash and burn due to a situation completely out of our control. I can only speak for ourselves and our experience, and how we found a way out of the fear and defeat.

The emergence of COVID-19 and necessary travel restrictions to Hawaii meant our business, entirely reliant on tourists traffic, fell through a black hole. We don't know when we'll resume photography operations at the same volume our business model requires. So - onward. We're not leaving Maui, so we need to make things work - where to go from here?

The void in business has allowed us to explore new realms creatively, and once the initial shock wore off, we were able to press forward doing something we'd always wanted to but had never had the time - e-commerce. To see our ocean art images not only in frames, but used across an array of practical beach items that we use ourselves on a daily basis - it feels invigorating.

We've begun sourcing gorgeous gowns and curating a closet for our clients to use for their shoots, but it won't stop there! Adam is more inspired than ever to continue shooting in the water. We've refreshed our brand to see us into this new chapter, using the services of the same talented designer we first used to create our first Love + Water Logo seven years ago (love you Leslie Vega Design!) The months ahead hold some very exciting new collaborations. 

We've endured our fair share of defeat, and it brought us down. Now, though, it’s time to evolve, to be fierce and fiery and begin forward motion once more. We look forward to sharing this new spark in our business world, and thank you for following along in our journey!

Kasia Kulenty Gown photographed by Love + Water on Maui